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Magellan GPS Map Upgrades Download

Magellan GPS Map Upgrades Download

If you are a traveller, you may travel to many new un-familiar locations and new areas so often. Thus, it becomes important to find the right GPS device for guidance. Magellan is considered to be one of the best GPS units available for the users that share the most reliable information related to different areas and locations. With Magellan map update free download, you can easily get familiar with the new areas and travel whenever you want without any hassle. While using any software, it is necessary to download the required software updates to make sure that you are following the right information. With Magellan map update free download, you can make sure that you are on the right path and you will get wherever you want without getting confused and lost.

In this guide, we are sharing the simple guidelines that can help you to get Magellan maps free download for your device so that you can enjoy a better travelling experience with access to accurate information about the different locations and paths.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to download the Map updates for free:

  • Charge your GPS device.
  • Download ‘Content Manager’ and follow the onscreen guidelines on your device, you can download it from Magellan official website.
  • Now, time to launch Content Manager. You are supposed to login by using your Magellan account details. If you have not created the account yet, you can visit the main page of the Magellan official website and create the account for Magellan GPS updates download on your device. Follow the on-screen guidelines to create an account without any trouble.
  • Connect your GPS device to your computer using the USB cable. Your device must turn on automatically, or you can also turn it manually.
  • Right-click on the Content Manager icon available windows system. After that, click on the ‘Check for updates now’ option to download the Map updates. If any update is available to download, you will see a pop-up message appearing on your screen.
  • Click the ‘Get Now’ option to download and install the map updates. Once you are done with the installation, you need to disconnect your device.
  • Wait until your Magellan GPS unit starts automatically.

Important – For map updates, you need to check and make sure that content management is able to make a successful connection to the Magellan server. For this, you may need to disable the firewall and antivirus software on your device and after that, you can download the software updates.

Some of the Magellan GPS units are not compatible with the Content Manager. You can check the Magellan official website to know about the devices not compatible with the software. When you go for Magellan map update free download, you need to make sure that you do not turn off the GPS unit or your computer system.

The Last Words

With these simple guidelines, you can have Magellan map update free download on your device, all the mentioned steps are very simple and easy to follow. But, if you still have a doubt, or you are unable to download the updates, you can contact the experts and take their advice to complete the process of map updates download.