How to Update Garmin Sat Nav Maps Free - Garmin Updates
How to Update Garmin Sat Nav Maps Free

How to Update Garmin Sat Nav Maps Free

Garmin Sat NAV is a Global Positioning System (GPS) device used by the drivers in their vehicles to know about the best possible router to their destination. Time to time Garmin Sat NAV Updates are very important to stay updated about the changing routes and paths. If your device is updated, you can always check the location of your vehicle and also check the real-time updates about its position. In this guide, we will discuss the simple steps that a user can follow for Garmin Sat NAV Update on their device. All that users need is to access the Garmin website and connect their device to the PC using the USB connection.

Here is the step by step instructions for Garmin Sat NAV Update:

  • First of all, download the Garmin Web Updater on your device to download Garmin sat-nav updates. While downloading the software, choose the operating system you are using and then click on ‘Download’ to start the downloading process.
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines when the downloading process is completed to install the Garmin Web Updater on your device.
  • Connect the Garmin Sat NAV to your system with the help of a USB connection cable.
  • Now, click on the ‘Start’ button present on the desktop screen of your computer and go to the Programs.
  • Choose Garmin>>Web Updater and run the application.
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to load the updated software on your Garmin device.

How to use the Garmin Sat NAV?

Garmin Sat NAV device uses the GPS satellites for triangulating the position. The triangulated position is then superimposed on the maps which are displayed on the user’s screen. With Garmin Nuvi sat nav updates a user can also generate the point of interests like hotels and gas stations. The device generates the navigation routers from the current position of the user to destination or POI.

A user can easily use the Garmin Sat NAV maps just by following some simple steps, including finding the destination and following the path.

For mounting the Garmin Sat NAV to your dashboard, first of all, clean and dry the dashboard. Remove the backing from the disk and then place it on the dashboard. Place the Garmin on to the disk. Flip the suction device to hold the Garmin Sat NAV in the place. Plugin the power cord to the lighter socket of the vehicle.

Turn on the Garin device, some of the devices automatically turn on after Garmin sat nav update when they are plugged in.

On the main screen, click on ‘Where to’ and choose the category. For example – ‘Lodging’. The device will show you the list of nearby locations. Click on your destination, let’s say its ‘ABC Hotel’. The device will show you the details including the contact number. Click on the ‘Go’ button and the device will show you the route. Start your vehicle and follow the given instructions.

That’s All! This is how you can complete Garmin Sat Nav Update and use it to travel to your destination.