How to Update TomTom XL Map for Free - TomTom Update
How to Update TomTom XL Map for Free

How to Update TomTom XL Map for Free

It’s time to install the latest TomTom XL update available and improve the user experience with TomTom. Just like any other GPS company, TomTom keeps introducing the updates from time to time to overcome the limitations of the previous version and share the friendly user-experience with the customers. So, get the latest TomTom XL update available and install the updated maps for your device.

Things to Remember for the TomTom XL Updates Free Download

Use the Ethernet Cable for Internet

A wired connection provides faster connectivity as compared to the wireless connection. It is consistent and stable, so prefer to use the Wired connection for TomTom XL updates free download on your device.

Download Time Will Vary

It may take more time for you to download TomTom map update as compare to your friend. This is because the downloading time will be depending upon the update size. Another factor responsible for the time variation in the TomTom map update is the size of the update.

Security Software

If you encounter any trouble in the downloading and installation of the TomTom map update, this is because of the installation of high-end security software on your device. You need to either disable such software on a temporary basis or change the security settings while trying to update the software.

Step By Step Instructions to Update TomTom XL Maps:

  • On your computer, open TomTom Home software.
  • Connect the TomTom XL with your computer using the Ethernet cable.
  • The TomTom will start detecting your device.
  • Login to the TomTom account using the right login credentials.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, the home software will start working to get the list of TomTom XL update available.
  • Click the ‘Update My Device’ option.
  • Turn on the GPS device and connect it with your computer, if required.
  • To link the GPS device with PC, you have to click on the ‘Link Device’ option.
  • Click ‘Update and Install’ button to update TomTom XL maps.
  • The installation of the map update will install along with the software update.
  • The process may take some time.
  • Wait until all the updates get downloaded on your device.

With the help of these simple aforementioned guidelines, you can complete the TomTom XL update for your device. All the given guidelines are very simple and easy to install. But, if you are still unable to download the updates for your TomTom XL, you can seek expert advice to get updates installed on your device.