Garmin Updates and Downloads

Garmin Updates Download

Having a GPS unit in your vehicle is useful, you don’t have to worry about finding the paths and router to the destination.  Just say whenever you want to go and Garmin will provide you the details. To be effective, Garmin Updates and Downloads are very important to be installed so that the user can get access to the latest list of mapped highways and roads. There are scenarios where your GPS devices start taking you to the dark roads or dead ends. This is because of outdated maps, thus updating the device is very important. For the Garmin Updates and Download, users can visit the Garmin official website or download the Garmin Express on their system.

Why you need Garmin Updates Lifetime?

Routes and Street change constantly and if your GPS device is not up to date, you may not able to reach the destination. With Garmin Updates Lifetime, you can stay assured that you are following the right path. Keeping your GPS device updated is very easy, especially if you half Garmin Express software which works like magic.

Following are the simple steps you Garmin updates and downloads using the Garmin Express:

Connect the USB

Start by connecting your Garmin GPS device to the computer using the USB cable.  After the screen load, the Garmin logo will display on the screen with a small picture indicating that the connection successfully established.  At this point, your computer will recognize the connected GPS device.

Install Garmin Agent 

In most of the cases, the computer will prompt you to install Garmin Agent Application. If such a pop-up appears, just visit the for Garmin download.

Garmin Agent

The Garmin Agent present in the system tray which directs you to the MyGarmin website when the device is connected.

Garmin Site 

On the Garmin website, you will be prompted for the installation of another software known as Garmin Communicator. 

Install the Communicator 

Communicator interfaces the Garmin device with the website for the software update.  After installing the communicator, you may be prompted to reboot the computer.

MyGarmin Dashboard 

Once your system reboots, double click the Garmin Agent icon in the system tray. From here you can check for Garmin updates and downloads.

Select the Garmin Map Updates Package

Select your package and proceed further. We recommend you to go for the Garmin updates lifetime subscription.

Map Purchase History 

After selecting the map update, you will proceed to map download page that lists the product keys for the map update.

Download Garmin Map Update Application

You will be prompted to download the last Garmin app.

Garmin Map Update

The Garmin Map update and download application will manage the updates.

Once you downloaded the map, you are done. Just make sure that you follow the instructions very carefully to avoid the mistakes in the download process.  With the help of these steps, you can complete the Garmin updates and downloads for your GPS device and enjoy the hassle-free traveling experience.

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