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Garmin Product Registration

Garmin Registration Instructions

Registering the Garmin brings a lot of advantages to the users. Once the customers complete Garmin Registration process, they start receiving the emails related to product updates and recall information. Customer also gets access to maps and products which are compatible with the device. Garmin Registration can be completed online by following the simple instructions. So, keep your device updated and enjoy the amazing benefits.

To get the maximum access to the features and maintain the security, it is very important to register the Garmin Device. The registration will make sure that only the authorized entity can use the device.

Benefits of Garmin Product Registration

  • Sends the notifications regarding the latest updates available for the device.
  • A user can download and install the Golf Course Updates for the Golfer supported by Garmin Device. It also provides the details regarding Golf Course View Maps and updates the device with the latest software version available.
  • Once you are done with the Garmin Product Registration, you will get accurate information about the street maps, roads directions, locations, and paths. This will help you to avoid traffic.
  • The Garmin Application will always be up-to-date which helps the users to stay on the right path.

Steps to Register Garmin Device:

  • Visit the Garmin Online Registration Page.
  • Select the language to proceed with the Garmin Product Registration process. By default the language is English, but you can also choose from the other available language options.
  • Now, click the Garmin Category based upon the product type you want to register. Garmin devices are usually divided into different categories – DataCards, MapSource, Marine, Sports, Fitness, Aviation, Outdoor devices, etc.
  • Login to the myGarmin Account. If you do not have an account, create one. To create an account, enter your name and email ID. Select a username and password.
  • Enter the product serial number. Depending upon the product, the serial number may present in different places. In most of the mobile GPS devices, you can find the serial number at the bottom of the device. Choose ‘Where is my serial number?’ option present just above the serial number field to get the exact instructions where to find the serial number on the specific device. In some of the devices like eTrex, you may not find the serial number. In that scenario, you have to choose the product from ‘Don’t have a serial number’ menu.
  • Tap on the Next option to confirm the registration details. Your device will be registered. Unless you register the automotive GPS such as Garmin Nuvi, Garmin Registration process is completed.
  • For registration the Garmin Automotive GPS device, you have to follow the prompt for downloading Garmin Communicator.
  • When prompted, connect the Automotive GPS to your system by using the USB cable you got with the device.
  • Check and make sure that device information is correct and tap on the Continue. Enter myGarmin Account username and password when prompted and choose the Next option. Your device is now registered.

Aforementioned are the simple instructions for the Garmin registration. Follow the guidelines carefully and your device will be registered without any hassle.