Garmin Map Updates Free Map Update

Drive safely to an unknown location with Garmin GPS unit and enjoy the most pleasurable traveling experience to your destination. Now, the Garmin Map Updates free are available for the customers that help them to stay updated about the different locations and regions so that whenever they drive, they do not face any difficulty during the travel.  The Garmin GPS unit helps the users to determine the exact location with the help of GPS satellite. Whether you want to go to a restaurant, visit a river site or some other city, the Garmin map updates free will display you the exact results according to your interest.

Gramin GPS Unit Update

A user can easily download and install the Map updates via map update. One can download the map or Garmin device and also transfer the updates to the Garmin device if they are purchased in the form of a CD.

Here we are sharing some easy guidelines to install Garmin map updates free. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection:
  • Connect the Garmin GPS device to the computer via USB cable you got with the device.

  • Open a web browser and go to the Garmin’s Find Map Updates page.

  • Choose ‘Automotive’  and click ‘Download Map  Updater’. Save the file to your computer.  If you are unable to find the download button, then your device is not eligible for the updates.

  • Double click the file you downloaded to install the Garmin Map Update free. Before proceeding further, you may require to update the Microsoft .NET framework. The app will provide you all the necessary information if needed.

  • Click ‘Search for the device’ when the app is installed. Once your device is recognized, read the disclaimer and tap to continue.

  • Tap on Continue, if the app prompts you with ‘A free Map Update Available’. If you see ‘Your Map is Up to Date’ pop-up you do not need any map update. And, if you see ‘Map Update is available for purchase’, your device is not eligible for the free map update.

  • Click to continue when you see a pop-up ‘Ready to Update your Maps’. If your device does not have enough storage space needed to install the updates, you need to remove the data to make space.

  • Leave the device plugged in until the updates gets installed, the process may take multiple hours to get finished.

Once you have downloaded the Garmin Map Updates free, you can safely and securely drive to any location just following the map route. It is recommended to downloaded the map updates only from the manufacturer’s website as only then you can be assured that you are not downloading the wrong updates that can damage your device. So, visit the website now and download the Map updates for free.

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